How about an internet Will?

I often get the phone call, “Will you check our internet Will, to make sure it is valid?”

Often a Will prepared on the internet enables a user to select from multiple choice options on a pull-down menu.  Some cover the necessary bases, others do not.  And as advanced as machines are, the computer-generated program on the other end of your connection has not gotten to know your individualized circumstances.  For instance, it may not be aware that you are in a serious relationship that is likely to be formalized by marriage in the next year or so, that there is a son or daughter you’ve already spend $25,000 on, for drug rehabilitation, and that while you love them, you simply don’t want to ‘over-give’ from your bounty in a manner that you may consider unfair to your other children.  You may be careful not to tell a computer that you were recently diagnosed with a progressive illness that may become disabling or lead to cognitive limitations a decade down the road.  And for good reason: we read every day about private data being sold to app-makers and advertisers.

I get similar questions about ‘internet deeds’ prepared either online or using a template.  Those, too, can be misleading, in part because of their apparent simplicity.

Then there are the online rental agreements, the online business contracts, the online separation agreements, and the list goes on.  There can be a surprisingly high cost for choosing what may first look like a low price.  But you rarely know this up front, and finding out later might actually be too late.  If you are willing to trust your financial well-being to a machine-generated document, you should understand it may come with unknown risks.

You may minimize your risks by contacting an attorney that is licensed in your State.

Jeff Morris


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