Why not just pay that traffic ticket?

I get plenty of phone calls asking why, since the nice officer wrote an amount on the bottom of that traffic ticket, the caller should not simply pay the ticket off, and not have to take time off to go to court.  It’s a valid question, especially when you may otherwise think of taking a Friday morning off from work, to seek a reduction on your ticket.

Those who call the office get an honest assessment.  For some tickets, yes, you are free to pay the fines and court costs, and avoid the inconvenience of going to court.  What you may not know in advance of paying the ticket, is that the payment is a guilty plea with no reduction.  And that means you may be pleading to a traffic charge that could revoke or suspend your driver’s license.  Or it could add one or more insurance points, causing your car insurance to go up 30% 45% or even 80%—just for what appeared to be a simple speeding ticket!  And since those points last three years, be careful what you decide to pay off!

This is really one area where it pays to call an attorney.  Rarely do attorneys charge a consultation fee for a simple speeding ticket, so you have virtually nothing to lose.  An attorney can advise on the license points and insurance points associated with a simple traffic ticket.  And with your responses to a few simple questions, an attorney can likely forecast the outcome of your ticket if you retain their services.

Knowledge is power.  Call an attorney before you decide to pay off a ticket, or to do it yourself.

Jeff Morris


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